Brazil drops 1.25 million pay TV subs YOY

Brazil has seen a steep decline of 1.23 million pay TV subscribers year-over-year.

As collated by Brazil’s Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (Anatel), the country’s pay TV subscriber base ended June with 16.71 million, down 528,000 from Q1.

All distribution technologies took a hit in Q1, with DTH subscriptions affected the most. DTH subscribers dropped by 943,973 over the year, and by 332,396 quarter-over-quarter. It sits at a total of 8.9 million subscribers

HDSL is the second most popular technology, and saw more modest losses of 131,105 subscribers quarter-over-quarter and 399,588 year over year. Its total is 7.1 million subscribers.

FTTH increased year-over-year by 112,388, though dipped by 64,460 subscribers in Q2 to a total of 701,070 subscribers.

In terms of operators, only Oi TV saw a yearly increase of 1.77% to take it to a total of 1.6 million subscribers. This growth, combined with a poor year for Telefônica – where it lost around 150,000 subscribers – sees Oi TV as the third most subscribed to pay TV provider.

Oi TV sits behind Sky/AT&T and Telecom Americas, the latter of which saw a year-over-year decrease of over 7,000,000. In spite of this, Telecom Americas still has an impressive lead of roughly 3 million subscribers over its nearest neighbour Sky/AT&T, which has just shy of 5 million subscribers.

Among the states, São Paulo registered the largest number of customers, with 6,209,795 contracts signed. Roraima registered the lowest number of customers, with only 16,283 pay TV contracts signed in June.

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