Half of UK homes are SVOD subscribers

A little under 50% of television homes in the UK are subscribed to at least one SVOD platform.

According to the latest statistics from BARB, the number of homes with SVOD services has risen by 8.37% – just over a million – in Q1 2019. The total is 13.33 million.

The number of Netflix subscribers rose by 11.25%, while the number of homes subscribed to Amazon Prime Video has risen by 12.88%.

The total number of television homes in the UK is 27.27 million. 11.47 million of those have Netflix, 5.96 million with Amazon Prime Video and Sky’s Now TV has 1.62 million subscribers.

46.6% of UK homes had access to one of these services, and 4.3 million have two or more.

The research found that households with three or more people are 47% more likely to be SVOD subscribers.

However, despite the rapid growth in SVOD numbers and the flexibility to access them across multiple devices, the TV is still king.

The research concludes that approximately 525 billion minutes were viewed in the UK between 9pm-10pm in 2018 on TV. This is compared to 6.25 billion minutes viewed on computers, tablets and phones for the same period.

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