10 million streaming subscriptions in the Nordics

SVOD subscriptions in the Nordics have reached 10 million, a new report has found.

According to an analysis of the Nordic TV and video market from London-based digital marketing agency Mediavision, there are approximately 10 million streaming subscriptions spread across 5.8 million Nordic homes. This growth is attributed to households ‘stacking’ subscriptions and packaging deals.

The report says that subscriptions have increased by 16% year over year, translating to an uptick of 800,000 additional households. SVODs have a penetration of at 52% of all Nordic households.

Mediavision suggests that this growth in subscriptions can be explained by new forms of service packaging, such as telecoms offering streaming services bundled with traditional TV or broadband. The report also points out that operators’ sales of buy-through streaming has increased significantly since last year.

Marie Nilsson, CEO of Mediavision said: “Revenues from streaming is growing across all Nordic markets, explained by both increased penetration and stacking. The online video market is moving towards maturity and penetration is already high in an international comparison.

“We also know that new services will launch in 2019 and 2020 and Mediavision expects a continued strong Nordic market growth. Consumers gradually increase their spending and it has become more and more apparent to them that the best and most attractive content is found among these services.”

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