StudioCanal announces deployment of Nagra NexGuard forensic watermarking

In an effort to protect its international content distribution from piracy, StudioCanal has turned to Nagra NexGuard forensic watermarking technology, it has been announced.

The watermarking technology has been deployed into StudioCanal’s distribution platform through the integration of NexGuard into transcoders. It allows StudioCanal to embed watermarks into pre-release content ahead of distribution.

“The addition of NexGuard watermarking gives us the peace of mind that our valuable content remains protected during its downstream distribution, by deterring anyone from leaking content as any potential leak can be traced back to its source” said Jean-Pierre Boiget, head of distribution services at Studio Canal.

“This enhanced content security also allows an increased time window for promotional and marketing activities by our international distributors, and ultimately contribute to the protection of our creative industry.”

Jean-Philippe Plantevin, vice-president of Nagra Anti-Piracy said that “any leak in pre-release and distribution workflows has substantial economic consequences”, and that it its “paramount for content owners like StudioCanal to protect their assets when they are most valuable.

“Our watermarking technology is a powerful deterrent against any leak, with a proven track record of successful forensic investigations,” he said.

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