Strategy Analytics: Tizen remains top smart TV OS 

Samsung’s Tizen platform remains the largest smart TV operating system globally by sales, followed by LG’s WebOS and Android TV, according to Strategy Analytics.

The research firm said that 21% of smart TVs sold in 2018 ran Tizen, 12% were powered by WebOS and 10% used Android TV.

Roku TV captured 4% of global TV sales last year, but in North America nearly one in every four smart TVs sold was a Roku-powered set.

Elsewhere, the report noted that customised versions of the Android OS that don’t include Google’s Play Store are used by many Chinese TV makers for domestic smart TV offerings and account for a “significant share” of non-proprietary smart TV operating systems.

“Despite the wafer-thin hardware margins on offer, the TV display remains a strategic priority for many technology companies due to the size of the audience that it continues to draw and with that the opportunity to sell advertising space on smart TV user interfaces and generate new revenues via over the top content services,” said Strategy Analytics director and report author, David Watkins.

“Control over the smart TV operating system is therefore of critical importance as it is through this software layer that companies can extract the valuable user data that drives targeted ad revenues.”

David Mercer, principal analyst at Strategy Analytics, added: “Operating system fragmentation has plagued the market over the years but there are signs that the industry is beginning to consolidate around a handful of platforms.”

“Tizen remains the single largest smart TV OS globally by sales followed by LG’s WebOS. However, Google’s Android TV and Roku TV in North America have made strong gains in recent years by building on their partnerships with second and third tier TV makers.

“Samsung will therefore be hoping that its recently announced exclusive arrangement with Apple to integrate the iTunes app into its smart TVs will give it something that these other fast-growing platforms cannot match.”

To access Strategy Analytics’ full Global Connected TV Device Vendor Market Share Q4 2018 report, click here.


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