Finland’s DNA to sell Viaplay direct to subscribers

Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT), the soon-to-be-split-off broadcast and streaming arm of Modern Times Group (MTG), has agreed a deal with Finish cable and pay TV operator DNA to include NENT’s Viaplay streaming service in DNA’s TV offering.

DNA will become the first telecom operator in Finland to offer Viaplay to customers as a separate subscription. In addition, Viaplay will be included in the Viasat pay TV packages from NENT Group that are already sold by DNA.

Viaplay will be sold by DNA to its customers as a separate subscription and will also be included in the Viasat pay TV pakcages that it already offers to customers.

DNA’s customer base includes 478,000 fixed broadband subscribers, 627,000 cable TV customers and 251,000 customers who subscribe to the digital DNA TV application, along with 2.9 million mobile subscriptions.

Viaplay is already offered as a separate subscription by a number of operators in other Nordic countries, but this is the first time such a deal has been struck in Finland.

Kim Poder, EVP, Group Chief Commercial Officer and CEO of NENT Group Denmark: “This agreement with DNA marks an important step on our journey to establish Viaplay as the leading Nordic streaming service. We are continuously investing in our content and technology to ensure Viaplay offers something truly unique. Innovative partnerships will accelerate Viaplay’s penetration and enable us to bring these experiences to even more customers across the Nordic region.”

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