Telefónica: Netflix integration, a new kids app and 4K box rollout

Telefónica is to integrate Netflix in its TV service by the end of the year as part of a series of measures to boost its TV offering. The telco has also committed to revamp its service with the rollout of new set-tops and its Aura voice assistant, as well as the deployment of a new app for kids, Movistar Kids.

At a presentation in the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid yesterday, Movistar+ president Sergio Oslé said that more than 80% of TV series and over 50% of all content available on flagship channel #0 was now viewed on demand.

Oslé said that Netflix would be integrated into the Movistar+ service in December. Addressing whether the operator would look to strike similar deals with other OTT TV providers such as HBO and Amazon Prime Video, he said that Telefónica was in talks with multiple players but that he did not want to strike simple commercial-only deals. In August Bloomberg reported that the Spanish operator was in talks with Amazon to offer its service.

Oslé said that Movistar would produce between 12 and 15 series, following the successful debut of flagship historical drama La Peste.

During the presentation the operator also highlighted its new 4K UHD decoder and Aura voice assistant. Movistar expects to deploy about half a million of the new boxes by the middle of next year, with an ambition to convert all its subscribers within two years. The device will offer a new interface and the possibility to create up to four personal profiles in addition to a household-level default.

Movistar+’s new flagship sports channel #Vamos will meanwhile debut this Sunday.

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