HTC chief outlines vision of Vive Reality

HTC is to combine augmented reality, 5G networking capability and artificial intelligence to create Vive Reality, a new enhanced platform, according to Cher Wang, chairwoman of the company.

“5G will create new experiences that will transform the way we work, live an play,” said Cher, speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “5G will massively enlarge VR and AR capabilities.”

She said that advances in AI and machine learning will enable gadgets to “know us better than we know ourselves.”. AI will add intelligence to all machines. “AI will be woven into our everyday lives,” she said. “We will be able to personalise lessons by seeking the true needs of each person.”

Applications for education, work, healthcare and other activities will enable people to use all senses to interact with technology and perform daily tasks, she added.

Cher said that 5G would revolutionise VR by leveraging cloud computing power with massive increases in bandwidth.

Rounding out her vision of the future, she said that smartphones are likely to be transformed from the rectangular devices of today to, potentially, wraparound glasses that project images onto user’s eyes and enable them to interact through gestures with completely virtual interfaces.

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