Live programming accounting for bulk of simulcast online viewing

yospaceLive programming still holds value for consumers even online, with live event programming such as major sports events and reality television accounting for approximately 70% of simulcast viewing on broadcasters’ OTT video services in the UK, according to research by advertising technology specialist Yospace with MTM.

More broadly, live and linear TV accounts for 60% of total video viewing in the UK market. Recorded TV accounts for 10.8%, broadcaster VOD for 3.9%, subscription VOD for 4.1% and YouTube for 6.4%, with other video sources accounting for 10.6%.

Yospace said that the untapped advertising potential of live IP-delivered television must be realised in the near future in order to counter the threat posed by major internet media companies.

The company said that internet giants such as Amazon, Facebook and Google are likely to scale up their investments in live TV as they attempt to extend their offerings, including acquiring premium rights.

Yospace said that most TV executives interviewed as part of the research programme continue to be optimistic about the commercial prospects for linear and live IP-delivered TV.

The research programme included a round-table seminar of 20 of Europe’s leading TV executives and a series of one-on-one interviews.

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