Lionsgate taps Vimeo for comedy and movie OTT platforms

Laugh out loudLionsgate has partnered with Vimeo on two over-the-top offerings – comedy service Laugh Out Loud (LOL) and movie streaming service Tribeca Shortlist.

Vimeo is powering the two offerings, with LOL using Vimeo’s flexible API and SDK technologies and Tribeca Shortlist using Vimeo’s OTT out-of-the-box solution.

“We’re very pleased with the support that Vimeo’s advanced technology has already provided, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to help power Laugh Out Loud and Tribeca Shortlist as we grow our audience and subscriber base,” said Julie Uhrman, Lionsgate executive vice-president and general manager OTT ventures.

Vimeo OTT general manager, Kathleen Barrett, said: “The relationship between content provider and consumer is becoming more important than ever, and we’re proud to be part of the movement connecting audiences with content while delivering seamless viewing experiences through our powerful technology platform.”

Laugh Out Loud is a comedy brand and multi-platform network featuring original programming from stand-up comics and digital influencers.

Tribeca Shortlist is a monthly updated movie streaming service that includes personal movie recommendations from actors, directors and influencers.

It is available on the web, mobile and through your Roku, AppleTV, SlingTV and Amazon Channels.

Vimeo now claims to power a total of more than 500 partner subscription services with its OTT technology solutions.

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