Tricolor TV adds youth-oriented 4K TV service

Russian pay TV operator Tricolor TV is to add youth-oriented 4K TV channel C4K360 to its programming line-up.

The channel, which the operator describes as the only native 4K TV channel in the world dedicated to the youth lifestyle of the 15-35 age group, provides a diet of extreme sports, eSports, travel, festivals, concerts and other youth-oriented content.

Dog and CoC4K360, which is available via the Express-AMU and Eutelsat 36B satellites in MPEG-4, will launch on August 1 and be included in Tricolor’s Ultra HD package.

Separately, Tricolor TV has added canine interest channel Dog and Co to its One packages.

The channel offers a range of programmes about dogs and their owners, including documentaries, films and programmes featuring advice from vets and dog breeders.

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