Ampere: US web users watch more online video than Europeans

Ampere_Analysis_online_video_USvsEU 1newCompared to Europe, the US has a higher proportion of internet users who watch video online, according to Ampere Analysis.

The research firm said that US web users out-watch their European counterparts on all major connected devices.

In the first quarter of this year some 30% of US internet users said they watched video on their smartphone daily, compared to 18% in Europe.

“Online video in the main way of viewing for an increasing number of US consumers,” according to the report.

“The proportion of internet users who strongly agree online video services are the main way they watch TV and film has passed one in five in the US.”

Overall, 75% of US web users said they watch online video on computers, compared to 69% in Europe; while 70% of US web users said they viewed content on smart TVs compared to 61% in Europe.

In terms of mobile devices, the proportion of web users who watched video on smartphones stood at 63% in the US and 53% in Europe. On tablets the proportion was 52% in the US and 40% in Europe.

The research was based on Ampere’s analysis of 21,000 respondents in 10 markets during Q1 2017.

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