Netflix localises in Romania

netflixNetflix has rolled out a “fully localised” version of its service in Romania.

The new version of the service includes a localised Romanian user interface, with Romanian subtitles and dubbing covering thousands of hours of TV shows and films, including Netflix original programming

“We are delighted to offer a more local Netflix experience in Romanian where members can enjoy a variety of TV shows and movies – everything from globally popular Netflix original series to anime, kids content to stand-up comedies,” said Netflix chief communications officer, Jonathan Friedland.

“Romania knows great entertainment and now it’s even easier to watch the world’s favourite shows on Netflix anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device and at the same time as the rest of the world.”

Netflix launched localised versions of its service in Poland and Turkey last September. Speaking on the company’s fourth quarter earnings call in January, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that the rollouts would be part of a “steady process” that should help Netflix establish a substantial presence in more localised markets in the long-term.

Netflix rolled out in Romania in January 2016 after the subscription video-on-demand giant went global by launching in 130 new countries.

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