Amazon extends FreeTime to Android devices

Amazon_FreeTime_on_AndroidAmazon’s FreeTime service, including the Unlimited premium option, which provides a range of kids content including books, videos, YouTube videos and website, is now available on Android phones for the first time.

The Amazon FreeTime service was previously available on Amazon Fire Tablets and Amazon Fire TV as well as Kindle, and Amazon said that the same parental controls would be available via the Android version, enabling parents to determine which Amazon FreeTime Unlimited content would be available to kids.

The premium FreeTime Unlimited option is available for US$2.99 a month in the US, giving access to some 10,000 books and videos.

Amazon FreeTime enable parents to select books, videos, apps and games to add to the app, and kids can explore what Amazon describes as over 40,000 age-appropriate YouTube videos and websites that are curated by the FreeTime team.

Parents can also manage screen time limits by content type with features like Learn First, which hides all entertainment content until daily educational goals are met, and Bedtime, which automatically turns off FreeTime at night and keeps it off until the wake-up time parents set, with weekday and weekend settings.

The Unlimited option gives access to books and videos from the likes of DisneyNickelodeon, Amazon Studios, PBS Kids, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster

“Over 10 million kids have enjoyed Amazon FreeTime on Fire Tablets, Kindle e-Readers, and Amazon Fire TV – we’re thrilled to bring that same award-winning experience to even more families,” said Kurt Beidler, director of kids and family, Amazon.

“Now, whether it’s a Mom sharing her Android phone with her child or a child learning to use their first Android tablet, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited makes it easier for kids to have unlimited access to a broad selection of the content they love – on a wide range of phones and tablets – while giving parents peace of mind.”

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