US operator JEA taps Nagra for multi-distributor platform

Jackson, Tennessee-based utility outfit Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) has tapped TV technology company Nagra for the launch a of a new IP-based multiscreen video streaming service, E+ Premier, which will be open to third-party companies to provide services to their own customers.

Powered by the Nagra OpenTV Video Platform and Harmonic’s VOS360 cloud streaming solution, the new service will enable JEA to deliver an array of content and customer features to its own customers, and also to help other distributors consolidate or eliminate their headends to cut expenses and bring video services to their customers, according to Nagra.

E+ Premier will deliver local and national live and on-demand content for viewing on connected consumer devices.

The E+ Premier platform includes the processing and delivery of signals in MPEG2, MPEG4 and adaptive bit rate (ABR) formats, giving JEA and its headend management customers the ability to continue serving legacy set-top box customers and to offer app-based broadband services for customers.

Nagra is providing DRM protection that is specific to each deviceas well as a content management system with subscriber and service management capabilities powered by the OpenTV Video Platform’s web-based operator console. The console enables the distributor to tailor local services and deliver offerings with content control options that are configurable for each operator on a per-channel basis, according to Nagra.

“There is a longer tail to video than some believe. We want to maintain that as long as we can by controlling margins and spreading costs across multiple distributors. If we can do that, we can stay relevant in the market and compete with the over-the-top providers who do not have the local service advantage that we do. Customers may be cutting cords, but it’s not the broadband cord, and that’s the one that matters. This platform lets us bundle our Internet and managed WiFi services with a hyper-local customised video product and a cutting-edge customer experience,” said Ben Lovins, SVP Telecommunications Division at JEA.

“By offering this solution as a managed headend service, with no costly up-front investments in hardware or transcoding, JEA’s solution enables its headend management customers to provide the advanced services customers want while maintaining a local service approach. We are thrilled to have supported JEA in bringing this solution to market,” said Xavier Fustagueras, SVP Americas for Nagra.



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