Roku targets content discovery in latest OS update

Roku-Search-Thelma-LouiseRoku has is rolling out updates to its operating system in the US in a bid to make it easier for users to discover content.

The latest version of the OS includes a ‘More Ways to Watch’ function, which uses automatic content recognition to suggest viewing options based on TV viewing habits.

This feature is due to roll out for Roku TV users in the US from this summer and is available for users that connect a cable, satellite box, or broadcast antenna to their HD Roku TV.

An update to the ‘Live TV Pause for Roku TV’ function means that when a viewer uses the Live TV Pause feature on their Roku TV they will now see a thumbnail image to make it easier to identify where they are in the show.

The favourite channels list for Roku TV tuner means users can create a list of their favourite broadcast channels when they have a broadcast antenna connected to their Roku TV.

The company also said that HD Roku TV models will resume from standby mode a few seconds faster than previously following the update.

Roku OS 7.6 is due to roll out in the coming weeks and is expected to be complete before June. Roku devices that date from after May 2011 will receive the update.

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