YouTube blocks ads on channels with under 10,000 views

youtube_logo_standard_againstwhiteYouTube is pulling ads on channels with under 10,000 views, in a bid to “determine the validity” of a channel before it is monetised.

Announcing the move, YouTube said that by upping the threshold required to join its 2007-launched YouTube Partner Programme, it is helping to “protect creators”.

It also claimed that the 10,000 views would give YouTube enough information to determine whether a channel is following its community guidelines and advertiser policies.

“For millions of creators, making videos on YouTube isn’t just a creative outlet, it’s a source of income,” said YouTube VP of product management, Ariel Bardin.

“Today, more creators are making a living on YouTube than ever before. However, with this growth we’ve started seeing cases of abuse where great, original content is re-uploaded by others who try to earn revenue from it.”

YouTube will now review a content creator’s activity after their channel reaches 10,000 views and “if everything looks good” will start serving ads against their content.

The 10,000 figure refers to ‘lifetime views’ for the channel – ie across all videos uploaded to it – and any revenue earned on channels with under 10k views as of today will not be impacted, according to the video site.

“We want creators of all sizes to find opportunity on YouTube, and we believe this new application process will help ensure creator revenue continues to grow and end up in the right hands.”

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