Quintuple-play takes first place in Portugal

Bundled offerings continue to increase in popularity in Portugal, with an additional 266,000 signing up for such services last year, with close to 40% now taking quad or quintuple-play services, according to regulator Anacom’s latest survey.

There were 3.51 million subscribers to bundled offers in Portugal as at the end of 2016, up 8.2%, according to Anacom.

Quintuple and triple-play uptake drove the increase, according to the regulator, with 177,000 new quintuple-play subscriber and 116,000 new triple-play customers.

Quintuple-play – fixed broadband service, fixed voice, pay TV, mobile telephone and mobile broadband – is now the most used combination, with 1.44 million subscribers or 41% of total subscribers, followed by triple-play – fixed telephone service, fixed broadband and pay TV – with 1.42 million subscribers or 40.4% of total subscribers, and double-play – fixed service and pay TV – with 273 thousand subscribers or 7.8% of total subscribers.

Anacom estimated that 86.1% of private households had a multiple-play bundle at the end of the year, up 6.5%.

Meo was the market leader, with a 39.7% share of customers, followed by Nos with 39.3%, Vodafone with 15.9% and Apax/Cabovisão with 5%, with Vodafone making the biggest gains year-on-year.

Revenues from bundled services totalled €1.68 billion in 2016, 11.5% more than in 2015. Revenues from quintuple-play bundles represented 55% of total revenues.

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