Millennials watch 27% less TV than over 35s

Nielsen MillennialsMillennials spend about 27% less time watching traditional TV than people aged over 35, according to new research by Nielsen.

The ‘Millennials on Millennials’ report claims that adults aged 18-34 spend on average 66% of their gross weekly video-viewing minutes watching traditional TV. This compares to 89% for adults aged 35 and over.

TV-connected devices – including games consoles and streaming devices – account for 23% of millennials’ total time with video, and PCs 8%, according to the study. For those aged over 35 the equivalent figures stood at just 3% and 1% respectively.

Time spent watching video on smartphones and tablets was roughly the same across both age categories, with millennials spending 2% of their viewing time on smartphones and 1% on tablets. For those aged over 35 it was 1% on each.

“TV still constitutes the majority of video consumption, but every other screen is much more valuable to millennials,” according to the report.

The study also said that millennials have a higher opinion of trending social media stars than they do for sports stars, pop stars, actors and actresses.

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