Filmstruck adds Chromecast support

FilmstruckTurner’s recently launched subscription video-on-demand service, Filmstruck, has added Chromecast support.

The US service, which offers arthouse, indie, foreign and cult films, is available now on second-generation Chromecasts and Chromecast Ultra models.

Filmstruck said in a post on Facebook that a Roku launch is now “definitely a priority” on its 2017 roadmap. It also aims to go live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games consoles this year.

Asked whether Filmstruck will be available to stream outside of the US, a spokesperson said: “FilmStruck is currently only available in the US. However, we are actively exploring international expansion. When we are ready for launch we’ll definitely tell the whole community.”

US viewers can also access the service via computer, iOS and Android devices, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV devices.

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) was developed in collaboration with the Criterion Collection, and launched in the US on October 19, targeted at a niche audience of devoted film fans and cinefiles.

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