Icflix adds picture-in-picture for iPad users

ICFLIX_PiPMiddle East SVOD provider Icflix has added support for picture-in-picture functionality on iPads to its offering.

The feature allows iPad users to minimse the video screen so that they can run other apps on their devices in the background.

The feature lets users start playback inside the application but can enable the picture-in-picture thumbnail view after pressing the ‘Home’ button, allowing users to multitask on other applications whilst watching movies or TV shows. Users can also resize and reposition the viewing window with pinch gestures.

Icflix said it was the first major Internet streaming service from the MENA region to implement this feature that is currently only available on compatible iOS 9 tablets.

The addition of picture-in-picture capability is the latest technological innovation by Icflix, which recently added a ‘continue watching’ feature, enabling users to watch on one device and pick up where they left off on another at home or while on the move.

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