Sky IPv6 broadband rollout nears completion

SkySky has said that more than 90% of its broadband customers are now IPv6-enabled, allowing them to use the web on multiple devices without the risk of losing connection. 

Sky said that moving to IPv6 – the most recent version of the IP communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes internet traffic – will “future-proof” its network for millions of customers.

Sky said that making sure its customers’ broadband connections are IPv6-ready is “an essential development”, with IPv6 providing an “almost limitless supply of IP addresses” which can be used to connect new devices to the web.

“Technical leadership is part of Sky’s DNA. We were the first carrier in the UK to introduce 100Gb/s fibre optic technology for our core network, and the first European adopter of Cisco’s latest carrier grade routers, the NCS6000 series, bringing 8Tb/s technology to our super-core,” said Sky UK’s chief technology officer, Mohamed Hammady.

“Now, we’re enabling the network to IPv6, future-proofing millions of customers’ broadband connections. All these developments help us to support customers’ huge demand for viewing TV on multiple devices and demonstrate Sky’s commitment to giving customers the best broadband experience.”

The update should be made automatically to compatible Sky routers.

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