GS Group unveils first Russian 4K UHD TV box

GS_A230Russian technology provider GS Group has unveiled the first Russian-made 4K UHD TV set-top box.

The GS A230, to be marketed under the General Satellite brand, is equipped with a ST Microelectronics processor, WiFi router and built-in 1TB hard drive.

Russian pay TV operator and GS Group strategic partner Tricolor TV has previously launched the first bundle of three UHD TV channels in the Russian market. GS Group said that about 15,700 4K TV sets were sold in Russia in 2015.

The box provides access to interactive services such as Kinozaly.Tricolor TV.

The device is available for sale from General Satellite authorised dealers in Russia.

The box is equipped with two DVB-S/DVB-S2 tuners. The set-top is powered by a new quad-core single-chip STMicroelectronics microprocessor and a co-processor designed by GS Group. It also comes with an integrated 802.11ac dual-band WiFi router and an HDMI 2.0 interface.

“GS Group has made a new generation of television affordable for millions of Russian viewers. The first Russian set-top-box for UHDTV is a brand new device not only for the domestic market: it can easily compete with Western and Asian equivalents when comparing technical performance and cost. As a national technology leader in the field of consumer electronics development and manufacturing, GS Group is the first to bring a home-produced modern device for UHD content viewing to the Russian market,” said Andrey Bezrukov, director for strategic marketing of GS Group comments.

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