Akamai highlights record-breaking Rio video traffic volumes

akamai rio statisticsCDN provider Akamai says video traffic from the Rio Olympic Games on its network has now exceeded that from the entire London Olympics and Sochi Winter Olympics combined.

“Akamai delivered more video data in the first eight days of Rio than it did for all 34 days of London and Sochi combined,” the company said.

Akamai had previously said that by the third day of the games it had exceeded the total amount of video traffic for all 17 days of the London Olympics.

Maximum peak traffic to date from the games was 4.53Tbps, while the peak audience size was 1.54 million. The average video bit-rate was 2.75Mbps.

Over half – 55% of video traffic – was to Europe, compared to 40% to North and South America. Two per cent was delivered to Asia, while 3% was delivered to Australia.

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