Netflix research reveals couples’ streaming habits

NetflixBuilding4New research shows that almost 60% of couples prefer to stay in and watch Netflix than head out to see a movie on a date night.

The consumer research was carried out among Canadian consumers, on behalf of Netflix, by market research agency Ipsos.

The survey investigates further the ‘Netflix and chill’ phenomena, whereby amorous couples stay in with Netflix rather than go out on a conventional date.

Although the Ipsos findings are presented in a lighthearted way, there are some key insights into how Netflix content is being consumed, which are all the more interesting in light of the streaming company’s reluctance to share viewing data.

Ipsos found that 58% of people would rather watch Netflix than go to the cinema, and 67% said it was more fun to watch shows with their partner, than alone.

Over half of respondents who were online dating included TV show preferences in their profiles, and 40% of respondents said they have agreed to date someone based on the shows they said they like.

Once in a relationship, 32% of people surveyed said sharing their Netflix password was a ‘big step’.

Over half of people said password sharing was a sign the relationship was serious and a further 17% said would not share their log-in details with a partner until they were engaged.

Ipsos conducted the poll for Netflix between January 4 – 8, 2016. It used a 501-strong sample of Netflix subscribers in Canada who were in a relationship.

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