Sky invests US$10m in DataXu

Sky has invested US$10 million (€9.3 million) in an equity share in programmatic marketing analytics and data management company, DataXu.

Sky said its advertising sales division, Sky Media, will work closely with DataXu to explore new opportunities, including extending the reach of Sky Media’s Sky AdVance product.

Sky Media will also use DataXu’s experience in helping advertisers to buy addressable TV ads programmatically and use data and analytics to drive “superior marketing results”.

Boston-based DataXu specialises in programmatic marketing – the automated, data-driven planning and trading of ads across media devices and formats. Sky said the deal will benefit it both as an advertiser and an investor.

“This investment will help us develop a deeper understanding of programmatic advertising and play our part in shaping the market as it progresses,” said Sky Media MD, Jamie West.

“Combining Sky’s knowledge, experience and innovation in advertising with DataXu’s programmatic marketing expertise will provide exciting opportunities for both businesses, and most importantly, for Sky’s advertising partners.”

DataXu co-founder and CEO, Mike Baker, added: “DataXu and Sky have strong alignment on the future of programmatic and advanced television; and this investment ensures our two companies continue to learn and grow together.”

Sky launched its Sky AdVance service in 2015, allowing advertisers to connect journeys across screens so that audiences see the right ad, at the right time, on the right screen. A year earlier the company launched Sky AdSmart, a product designed to make TV advertising effective for niche or smaller brands.

The DataXu deal marks Sky’s latest investment in “innovative companies” following recent deals with over-the-top video company TV4 Entertainment and online video aggregator Pluto TV.

Sky has previously invested in other US technology companies, including the online sports network Whistle Sports, IP streaming service provider Roku and cinematic virtual reality company Jaunt.

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