AJ+ launches on Apple TV

AJ+_Apple_TVAl Jazeera has launched a version of its youth-focused mobile news service AJ+ for Apple TV.

Al Jazeera said the new digital experience marks AJ+’s “first step in making content available through an app on the big screen.”

Since its inception in September 2014 AJ+ has focused solely on native mobile and social distribution, though it will now also curate content specifically for Apple TV audiences.

“Innovative storytelling and reporting about stories that matter in formats that appeal to our audience as well as distributing this content natively to our audience has always been a key pillar of our strategy,” said AJ+ managing director, Dima Khatib.

“We definitely are leading with our mobile first approach for news and hope to take the lessons learned over to the big screen. Watch this space as we figure out how to bring content engagement back to people’s living rooms.”

The news comes less than a week after Al Jazeera America announced it will close down its TV network in the coming months, citing an unsustainable business model.

At the time, Al Jazeera said it will expand international digital services like AJ+ to broaden its presence in the US.

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