Dailymotion expands programmatic advertising deal with AOL Platforms

DailymotionFrench video website Dailymotion has expanded its advertising partnership with AOL Platforms, enabling advertisers to purchase Dailymotion’s global, multi-screen, in-stream inventory directly through ONE by AOL, the US web company’s cross-screen programmatic ad platform.

Dailymotion Exchange (DMX), Dailymotion Advertising’s global and premium video marketplace, has worked on an OpenRTB integration with ONE by AOL, enabling demand-side partners to access DMX’s premium video inventory across desktop, mobile, tablet, game console, and connected TVs, according to Dailymotion.

The OpenRTB integration will allow clients using ONE by AOL to benefit from access to DMX’s inventory. Buyers can either bid on the open auction or create private marketplace deals when buying in real time on DMX.

The new integration with ONE by AOL also provides advertisers with targeting capabilities thanks to contextual, socio-demographic and behavioural insight enabled by DMX’s first party data, according to Dailymotion.

This partnership builds on the agreement signed by the companies in 2012. This focused on the supply side element of ONE by AOL, but also granted selected buyers access to some of Dailymotion Exchange private marketplaces.

Damien Pigasse, chief revenue officer at Dailymotion, said: “Providing demand-side partners with expanded advertising opportunities and solutions is a current priority for Dailymotion.  This is reflected in the expanded agreement with AOL Platforms, which makes the complete DMX inventory and audience available to all buyers using ONE by AOL. This new phase in the partnership between AOL Platforms and Dailymotion aims to foster programmatic growth and, above all, fulfill advertisers’ growing need for premium video inventory at scale.”

Phil Duffield, senior head of advertising at AOL International, said:  “Expanding the amount of premium inventory available to advertisers working with AOL is always high on our agenda.  The expanded agreement with Dailymotion, already a trusted partner, is therefore a key move, not least because the data available via DMX supports highly-targeted campaigns.”

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