Trace launches first African radio station

Olivier Laouchez

Olivier Laouchez

Youth-focused media company Trace has launched its first African radio station in Abidjan, the capital city of Côte d’Ivoire.

Trace FM is dedicated to Ivorian youth music and culture and went live over the weekend, broadcasting on 95.0 FM.

Initially available Abidjan, Trace said it plans to progressively extend the reach of Trace FM across the whole Ivorian territory, with the company planning more FM radio station launches for “several major African cities in 2016”.

“This launch is a new step in Trace Group’s strategy, which aims to build a pan-African network of local FM radios, TV channels, digital platforms and mobile businesses, in collaboration with influential local partners,” said Trace CEO and co-founder, Olivier Laouchez.

Trace’s chief executive first revealed the company’s Côte d’Ivoire radio plans in an interview with DTVE earlier this month.

He said that Trace has ambitions to develop more radio services in countries such as Cameroon, where it holds a local licence in Douala, the country’s largest city and economic hub.

Trace already runs Trace FM radio stations in the Caribbean. Overall, the firm claims to offer TV channels, digital platforms, FM radio, mobile services and exclusive events to millennial and young adult audiences in 180 countries.