Asia Pacific set for HTS boom

Blaine Curcio

Blaine Curcio

Data applications via high-throughput satellites (HTS) in Asia alone will generate revenues of US$900 million (€800 million) by 2024, according to Northern Sky Research.

The satellite research group’s latest report predicts that there will be over 300Gbps of HTS capacity available over Asia by 2020 as new entrants including Intelsat, SES, Eutelsat, ABS and Kacific enter the market with geostationary capacity. Currently the region’s HTS capacity is delivered by two players – O3b and Thaicom-owned iPSTAR – operating in distinct markets.

Enterprise data demand is expected to grow to 50Gbps of GEO-HTS capacity, on top of 375 transponder equivalents of fixed satellite services capacity demand by 2024.

“Asia’s need for connectivity will increase exponentially over the next decade, and satellite’s role will be vital to this expansion. Applications like backhaul and enterprise data will propel growth in the future,” said Blaine Curcio, senior analyst and report co-author.

“What is unique about Asian HTS supply is that Ku-band is attracting interest given the precedent set by iPSTAR. Those that have the spectrum will use it for HTS, as well as, widebeam FSS depending on the target market,” said Prashant Butani, senior analyst and report co-author.

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