Tele Columbus launches 400Mbps in Jena

Tele Columbus zentrale_hannover_bigGerman cable operator Tele Columbus has launched a 400Mbps internet service in Jena in Thuringia.

Tele Columbus is providing the fast internet service, which it says is about twice as fast as the previously top speed available and eight times as fast a s VDSL connection, to about 20,000 customers in the city, where it has a total of about 35,000 homes connected to its network. Other homes in Jena will be offered the service in the future.. The operator has previously only made the 400Mbps service available in Postsdam, where about 40,000 homes are connected to its network.

Tele Columbus’s new 2er Kombi 400 package offers flat-rate phone and internet up to 400Mbps for €99.99 a month. The operator said it planned to extend the service to other regions in which it is active.

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