EE personalises ‘mobile first’ TV service

EE mobile TVUK mobile operator EE is set to add personalisation and social sharing features to its EE TV service, in an update that was developed “with mobile front of mind.”

The new features for the EE TV app are designed to give users a personalised TV experience that they can control through their phone or tablet, with EE claiming it reaffirms its offering is “the UK’s only mobile-first TV service.”

The update, which was unveiled today and is due to roll out next week, includes a new ‘My TV’ section that is available on the EE TV app’s home menu.

This is designed to let users easily select and access their favourite programmes and channels. It also allows users to ‘flick’ media from their mobile or tablet to the TV screen.

Also new is Fetch function, which allowing customers to bring content from the main TV screen onto their mobile device so they can continue watching in another room. This is compatible with live TV, recordings and content that users have clicked to restart and replay.

A new Companion Screen on the app lets users control what they are watching on TV – including playback and volume. It will also provide additional information about a show and let users share details of what they’re watching through different social media options.

The update also includes “significant improvements to navigation on mobile devices”, and a better search capabilities on both the set top box and the app, according to EE.

“EE TV received outstanding reviews at launch, however we will continue to use our unrivalled knowledge of mobile behaviour in order to update and enhance the service over time,” said Simeon Bird, director of home broadband and TV, EE.

“The new EE TV features take the personalisation capability that all smartphone and tablet owners are familiar with, and incorporates it to create what we believe is the best multi-screen TV service available today.”

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