Portuguese multi-play number rise

The number of subscribers of bundled services in Portugal reached three million at the en d of March, up 2.6% quarter-on-quarter and 12% year-on-year, according to figures compiled by the country’s communications regulator.

According to Anacom, 44.4% of bundled subscribers take a triple-play offering, while some 35.7% take five services from the same provider.

Revenues from bundled services reached €360 million in the first quarter, according to Anacom, up 34% on the same period a year earlier. Average monthly bills for multiple service households was €52.15.

Meo has the highest share of the multi-play market, with a 43.7% share, followed by Nos with 38.5%, Vodafone with 10.9% and Altice/Cabovisão with 6.9%.

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