Canal+ adds TéléToon+ to YouTube network

Télétoon+Canal+ has added a TéléToon+ channel to the Jeunesse grouping of YouTube channels it launched in June around the Piwi+ and Zac et Zig services. 

TéléToon+ is aimed at six to 10 year-olds, mixing humour, adventure and educational content. The YouTube service will kick off with about 20 videos. Content will include episodes of popular series Les P’tits Diables, Captain Biceps, Kaeloo and Pat et Stan. Other content will music videos including Le Rap du Pays and videos such as Le Grand DefiToon, Battle Toquée, Quizzine and Défis Dingues.

TéléToon+ will also feature a new short-form feature, Oddbobs, the first episode of new fiction series Spookville and musical comedy feature Vive le Vent.

According to Canal+, Piwi+ has recorded over eight million views since it launched five months ago. Canal+ launched its YouTube MCN in December last year with 50 channels, available free of charge.

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