Comcast to shut down Streampix VoD service

Comcast-LogoComcast is shutting down its Streampix subscription VoD offering, citing “minimal interest” from consumers.

In a filing to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), published last week, Comcast said that both the Streampix site and the app are being decommissioned, and the standalone offer has been discontinued.

“Going forward, Streampix will simply be part of the Xfinity TV app and website like other VOD offerings,” said Comcast in the filing.

The service offered anytime, anywhere access to movies and TV shows for US$4.99 per month.

Comcast said in the filing that Streampix was not designed to be an “out-of footprint, over-the-top video service,” to rival the likes of Netflix, despite commentars describing it in these terms.

“It is a branded VOD offering, available on Comcast’s set-top boxes; its unique claim is simply that in assembling the service, Comcast set out to acquire full online rights as well, and highlighted the over-the-top access of the network,” said Comcast.

“Though Comcast sought to create excitement around Streampix by offering the online version through a unique online site and app, and offered Streampix to a small number of Xfinity broadband-only customers in one region, these attracted minimal interest.”

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