France Televisions launches French Open app

French public broadcaster France Televisions has partnered with interactive and social television specialists Monterosa to launch a new app to coincide with the start of this year’s French Open tennis tournament.

The A Vous de Jouer (Your Turn To Play)  app will roll out this weekend and is based on Monterosa’s LViS Sports Predictor app platform.

Monterosa recently launched its LViS Store to offer media owners and marketing teams ready-made apps so they can activate branded interaction without the time or cost of creating the app from scratch.

“A Vous de Jouer is designed not to distract from the key moments in the game so calls to action have been specifically timed to push out in the natural pauses,” said Olivier Lendresse, director of sport at France Télévisions, describing the app.

“The social companion works alongside both TV coverage and France Télévisions’ live online streaming combining a rich but light-touch game designed to see if the user can climb the ranks from lowly beginner who’s just picked up a racket for the first time, to certified tennis legend.”

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