PrimaCom stakes claim as cable ‘counterweight’ with new acquisition

German cable operator PrimaCom has acquired regional cable network DTK Deutsche Telekabel, increasing its footprint by about a third to 1.3 million households.

PrimaCom said the acquisition meant it was taking the leading role in consolidating regional German cable operators and delivering a counterweight to the country’s major players – Kabel Deutschland and Unitymedia KabelBW.

PrimaCom said it expected significant synergies from the acquisition.

CEO Joachim Grendel said that the move add 270,000 TV and fixed phone subscribers to its network in a single move and would strengthen PrimaCom’s position in the supply of services to the housing market, in which DTK Deutsche Telekabel is active.

Roland Steindorf, CEO of DTK Deutsche Telekabel, said that the deal brought together two companies with similar business models with a strong focus on the housing industry.

The latest acquisition follows PrimaCom’s purchase last year of Sy-Fra Antenna.

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