Sky to air full shows on new YouTube channel

UK pay TV operator Sky is set to launch a new YouTube channel that will let viewers sample full episodes of Sky shows online for the first time. 

The Sky First Episodes YouTube channel is due to launch on February 1, and is part of a marketing campaign to mark what Sky described as its “biggest ever year of entertainment”

The channel will air the first episodes of shows such like Sky 1’s Moone Boy. Other Sky shows that will be available on the channel at launch are Sky Atlantic series The Tunnel, Sky 1’s Moonfleet and Sky Arts programme A Young Doctor’s Notebook.

“We’re passionate about delivering truly great TV – and the best way of demonstrating this is to give people the opportunity to enjoy the shows for themselves. The combination of Sky First Episodes and a TV campaign featuring entire clips from our biggest and best series means that now everyone has the chance to sample Sky shows,” said Naomi Gibney, Sky’s director of entertainment, marketing and digital.

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