Viaplay unconcerned by Netflix threat

viasat viaplayModern Times Group-owned over-the-top service Viaplay is unfazed by the competition in the Scandinavian market, even though future quality improvements and content additions could add to the cost of the Viaplay service.

Speaking at the Connected TV World summit this morning, Viaplay’s head of online product management Dag Laarson said that despite Netflix’s global scale and dedicated team of technical staff, it was possible for Viaplay to source similar technology from third parties.

He also pointed out that in anticipation of greater competition in the Scandiavian market, Viaplay has more first window deals in place with major Hollywood studios like Disney and Sony than Netflix and is also able to draw on the locally-produced content and sports offered by its parent firm.

Currently Viaplay costs SEK79 (€9.25) per month for a basic film and TV package, and SEK249 for TV, film and Sport, though Laarson said: “As the product evolves and we add even greater quantity to it I most likely think that this will increase.” Currently Netflix’s Swedish offering costs a comparable SEK79 per-month.

Speaking about his plans for future developments for the service, Laarson said that greater personalisation for Viaplay was something that the firm was focused on, and was particularly important given the breadth of content available on the service.