Verimatrix eyes bigger US push

Content security specialist Verimatrix says is looking to step up its presence in the US market in the coming years as it looks to build on its successes in South America, Europe and Asia.

Speaking to DTVE, Verimatrix’s vice-president of marketing Steve Christian said that among the company’s future aims is to “have a bigger beach head than we currently do in US cable.”

“There’s certainly a wish to raise our profile in the US market, in particular the US cable market where the duopoly of what was originally General Instrument and Scientific Atlanta, now existing under different names, still makes it a rather unique technical market and a unique commercial market to penetrate,” said Christian.

He added that the US market focus on TV Everywhere authentication between different providers in many cases “fragments the US market and dilutes the value of services to consumers.”

“We hope to be able to provide some good technology to service operators to be able to bring more services under a sort of composite and uniform delivery umbrella,” said Christian.

Asked about the Verimatrix’s key aims for the next year, he also said that the firm was focused on having solid, enhanced security HLS support on all the major device types, including the broadest range of smart TV devices. It also aims to be one of the key security standards that are built into the early DASH-capable devices, Christian said.

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