DTG Testing tests first HbbTV product

DTG Testing, the test centre set up by the UK’s Digital TV Group, has successfully tested its first HbbTV product as part of its drive to bring the UK in line with European connected TV standards.

DTG Testing is now conducting testing of devices against version1.1.1 of the HbbTV specification using the licensed HbbTV test suite.

Richard Carlton, associate director of DTG Testing said: “DTG Testing realises the importance of international harmonisation within digital television technology and is delighted to announce we are the only independent, ISO 17025 accredited test centre to offer HbbTV testing. With over a decade of experience serving industry, DTG Testing will now provide a one-stop shop for conformance testing of HbbTV, Freeview, Freeview HD and Freesat receivers.”

Earlier this year, the DTG released D-Book 7 Part B, the technical specification for UK connected TV products and services, as part of its contribution to the development of the next version of the HbbTV specification, version 2.0. The DTG Council has agreed to consult on a next-generation interoperability framework for digital television and analyse the current divergence between platform technical standards within the UK and between the UK and Europe, with a view to achieving greater harmonisation.

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