Microsoft to run Shazam-enabled ad

Microsoft has teamed up with Shazam to run a new Shazam-enabled TV ad campaign in the UK for the Internet Explorer browser.

When viewers the ‘Beauty of the Web’ advert featuring the track Too Close by musician Alex Clare, they can use the Shazam app to interact with the ad.

The 30- and 60-second ads include a Shazam on-air prompt to let people know they can use the app to view live performances and interviews with Alex Clare as well as enter a competition to see him perform live at London’s KOKO.

“Microsoft is a great advertising partner, working collaboratively with us to create an engaging experience. The new Internet Explorer campaign marks another great implementation of the Shazam for TV service in the UK,” said Miles Lewis, Shazam’s vice-president, advertising sales for Europe.  “In fact, earlier this year, people were already using Shazam with the ad campaign to identify Alex Clare, the artist featured in the campaign.  They drove Clare to the top of the Shazam Tag Charts in the US and UK, and boosted him in the national charts, as well.”

The campaign was planned by media agency UM London, with creative handled by Wunderman.

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