HbbTV consortium unveils Test Suite

The HbbTV consortium has unveiled the first release of its HbbTV Test Suite, which covers a wide selection of features of the HbbTV 1.1.1 specification.

The Test Suite will be used as part of the HbbTV certification programme, and includes specifications, test material and a dedicated program to run the test material.

The consortium said that the HbbTV Test Group would now begin working to extend the Test Suite, and that the second release would add further coverage of the HbbTV 1.1.1 specification and address the HbbTV 1.5 specification including MPEG DASH.

“The HbbTV Test Suite is the result of considerable effort from the members of the HbbTV consortium. It is a valuable tool for CE manufacturers focussed on improving the consistency of HbbTV device implementations,” said Klaus Illgner-Fehns, chair of the consortium.

The HbbTV consortium has over 60 members including a wide range of technology companies and broadcasters.

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