Top Twitch streamer Shroud is jumping ship to Mixer

Twitch is losing another of its top personalities, with Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek becoming the latest streamer to sign an exclusive deal with Microsoft’s Mixer. Shroud is currently ranked as the third most followed channel on the Amazon-owned Twitch, with 7,068,741 followers, a total of 364,981,784 views and 26,268 subscribers paying between US$4.99 – US$24.99 per […]

Twitch signs top YouTube streamer Nick Eh 30 to exclusive deal

Amazon-owned Twitch has poached top streamer Nicholas “Nick Eh 30” Amyoony from YouTube.  The Fortnite player, who has signed an exclusive deal to stream on Twitch twice every day, told The Hollywood Reporter that the move marks his attempts to tap into a new audience.  The 24-year-old Amyoony has amassed a following of more than […]

Ninja reaches one million Mixer subscribers less than a week after leaving Twitch

In just five days of streaming on the platform, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has become the most subscribed-to channel on Mixer with 1 million active subscribers. Ninja is arguably the world’s most well-known gamer, and signed an exclusive contract with Microsoft-owned Mixer on August 1. Over his time on Twitch, he had gathered 14.7 million subscribers, […]

Ninja debuts on Mixer with over 1.3 million views in one weekend

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins made his debut on Mixer on August 2, attracting a peak of 80,000 viewers. The number of viewers was lower than his highs last year, it is around double the amount he had been attracting on Twitch. Ninja, the world’s most-subscribed gamer, made shockwaves when he announcedon August 1 that he was […]

Ninja signs exclusive deal with Mixer

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins shook the esports scene on Thursday, August 1 by announcing that he has signed a deal to exclusively stream on Microsoft-owned Mixer. The deal will serve as a huge boost to Mixer, which has seen modest results since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2016. Analytics firm Streamlabs estimated earlier in 2019 that […]