Net neutrality

Ofcom relaxes net neutrality but rejects ‘fair share’ payments by content providers

UK regulator Ofcom has revised its net neutrality rules to give some additional flexibility to network operators. The regulator has however rejected the idea of allowing service providers to charge content providers for the use of their network, at least for now. Providing clarity around existing rules, Ofcom said that ISPs can offer premium packages, […]

FCC’s Rosenworcel calls for blackout refunds, battle over net neutrality looms

FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel has called for US cable and pay TV consumers to be given a refund in the event that programming is ‘blacked out’ because of disputes between operators and content companies. The FCC chair has shared two Notices of Proposed Rulemaking with her fellow Commissioners that would, if adopted by a vote […]

UK’s Ofcom lays out plan to look again at net neutrality

UK regulator Ofcom has outlined post-Brexit plans to row back on net neutrality rules that were carried over from the UK’s membership of the EU. The watchdog has set out proposals for consultation that would allow service providers to ‘zero rate’ certain services as well as offer ‘premium’ retail broadband or mobile packages; for example, […]

HBO Max exempt from AT&T data caps, operator confirms

AT&T has made its HBO Max SVOD exempt from its data caps while rival streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix are not, raising questions about net neutrality in the US. In an interview with The Verge, Tony Goncalves – the CEO of Otter Media, the AT&T-owned company whose tech is what HBO Max is built […]

US court upholds FCC net neutrality order but opens way for states to set own rules

A US Federal Appeals Court ruling that upheld regulator the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality rules but which an opening for individual states to create their own regulations has been welcomed by commissioners on both sides of the divide. The court was ruling a case brought by the Mozilla organisation against the FCC’s move to […]

US carriers are consistently throttling popular video apps

Throttling of video streaming by US wireless carriers is “pervasive”, claims a new study.  The new research from Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts found that AT&T throttles YouTube 74% and Netflix 70% of the time. Interestingly, Prime Video was not slowed by AT&T, but it was throttled by T-Mobile US 51% of the […]

Portuguese watchdog: zero-rated offers break net neutrality rules

Portuguese regulator ANACOM has ordered the country’s main telecom operators to change their broadband offerings after ruling that a number of packages that ‘zero rate’ some applications break net neutrality rules. While the practice of zero rating – exempting applications such as video streaming services from broadband tariffs for example – is not illegal in […]

FCC votes to repeal net neutrality as Netflix and web giants protest

The FCC has voted to repeal net neutrality laws in the US, in a move that was welcomed by ISPs but has attracted widespread criticism from internet users and tech giants like Netflix. The Federal Communications Commission voted three to two in favour of rolling back rules that were introduced during the Obama administration, with […]

FCC to roll back net neutrality rules

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is due to roll back net neutrality rules in a major policy shift that looks set to impact on the way internet traffic is prioritised by ISPs. In a statement issued yesterday, FCC chairman Ajit Pai criticised the Obama administration’s “heavy-handed, utility-style regulations upon the internet”, describing these net […]

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