Net neutrality

FCC warns AT&T on ‘zero-rating’ DirecTV Now

The US communications regulator, the FCC, has warned AT&T that it is concerned about its plans for the DirecTV Now streaming service. DirecTV, which is owned by US telco AT&T, is rolling out its streaming product later this month with about 100 channels for US$35 (€32), and AT&T will reportedly scrap data charges for its […]

BEREC issues net neutrality guidelines

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) has issued guidelines for how regulators in Europe should implement new net neutrality rules. The guidelines, which are designed to give guidance to National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), follow a six-week consultation period during which BEREC received an “unprecedented” number of contributions – some 481,547 in total. […]

FCC’s open internet rules upheld

A US appeals court has upheld regulator the FCC’s Open Internet rules, sparking wildly opposing responses from the cable industry and the likes of Netflix. If enacted, the rules will reclassify broadband providers as telecommunication services under Title II of the US Federal Communications Act, effectively subjecting them to stronger regulation and banning them from […]

Swiss operators in net neutrality move

Swiss telecommunications providers have grouped together to adopt a strong pro-net neutrality code of conduct. The country’s leading providers – Salt Mobile, Sunrise Telecommunications, Swisscom and UPC Cablecom – along with communications networks trade association Suissedigital, have amended their code of practice to guarantee customers the right to  use any online content, service or application […]

EC passes net neutrality rules, fails to close ‘loopholes’

The European Commission has given its final approval to net neutrality rules that it claims will “guarantee an open internet” and ban paid-prioritisation of web traffic. Announcing the legislation, the EC said that all internet traffic will be treated equally and that there will be “no paid prioritisation of access service” or internet ‘fast lanes’. However, Members […]

EU net neutrality rules to allow for ‘higher quality’ internet TV services

The European Union rules on net neutrality are likely to allow service providers to establish fast lanes for applications including internet TV provided they do not impinge on other traffic, according to the latest agreement between the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council on the telecom single market package. “In the open Internet, all traffic […]

Public broadcasters call for net neutrality rules

Public broadcasters at the EBU general assembly in Prague have adopted a declaration calling for EU governments to adopt clear net neutrality rules.  The declaration states that net neutrality rules are necessary to strengthen freedom of expression in the digital age, to foster knowledge for citizens, to leverage incentives for Europe’s creative industries and to […]

Liberty Global’s Fries: net neutrality is ‘solution in search of a problem’

Demands for more formal network neutrality regulation is a “solution in search of a problem”, according to Liberty Global president and CEO Mike Fries. Liberty Global does not discriminate against traffic or provide preferences to one content source over another, said Fries. “Network neutrality is in some ways a solution is search of a problem. […]

FCC opts for strong net neutrality and divides opinion

The US FCC has adopted strong net neutrality rules, going beyond goals set by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler last year and reclassifying broadband providers as telecommunication services under Title II of the US Federal Communications Act, effectively subjecting them to stronger regulation.  “There are three simple keys to our broadband future. Broadband networks must be […]

EBU urges European net neutrality

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), alongside a coalition of digital stakeholders, has signed an open letter urging the EU to support “strong and clear net neutrality rules.” The letter comes ahead of an informal dinner of EU telcoms ministers this week where they will discuss proposed single market telecoms regulation, according to the EBU. The […]