Net neutrality

Net neutrality rules should make room for IPTV, says EC chief

Rules governing net neutrality in the EU as part of the Telecom Single Market will clearly need to give service providers room to develop services including IPTV that need “a certain transmission quality in order to work”, according to Günther Oettinger, the EC’s digital economy and society commissioner, speaking at a reception held by cable […]

EC backs net neutrality, removal of geo-blocking

New European Commission vice-president Andrus Ansip has backed “solid” and “clearly defined” net neutrality and called for geo-blocking restrictions in Europe to be scrapped. In a speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg Ansip – who is one of three European commissioners who has taken over from recently retired digital policy chief Neelie Kroes – […]

US cable and telcos angrily reject Obama net neutrality call

US cable and telecom operators have responded angrily to President Barack Obama’s call for the strongest form of net neutrality and the implementation of new regulations to ensure that all internet traffic should be given equal treatment.  Obama has called for a reclassification of broadband providers as common carriers under Title II of the country’s […]

Swiss operators adopt common code on net neutrality

Swiss service providers Swisscom, Sunrise, UPC Cablecom, Orange and the cable network companies’ association Swisscable have teamed up to adopt a common position on net neutrality. The operators have formulated a code of conduct and are to create a new Ombudsman office that will monitor net neutrality in the country. Principles adopted include that no […]

Swedish TV executives call for net neutrality to be upheld

Top Swedish TV executives from TV4 Group, SVT, MTG and SBS Discovery Media have written to the government calling for net neutrality to be protected. The letter says that in light of possible legislation from the European Commission, it is particularly important that Sweden calls for regulation that prohibits web discrimination for legal content. It […]

Netflix and Liberty Global clash over net neutrality

The CEOs of Netflix and Liberty Global have clashed over the topic of net neutrality, arguing over who should meet the costs and what regulation is required for video internet traffic.  Speaking on a joint panel at the CTAM EuroSummit in Copenhagen on Friday, Liberty Global boss Mike Fries questioned whether web content companies should […]

Netflix boss calls for net neutrality to be strengthened

Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings has called for net neutrality to be “defended and strengthened” in order to protect an open, competitive internet. In an official blog post, Hastings said that internet service providers must provide “sufficient access to their network without charge,” claiming that failure to do so would create a poor consumer […]