HDMI 2.1 specification supports 10K and dynamic HDR

The HDMI Forum has released version 2.1 of the HDMI specification, which includes support for video resolutions of up to 10K and dynamic HDR formats. The Forum described the update as a “huge leap forward”, with the new specification supporting higher video resolutions and refresh rates including 8K 60Hz and 4K 120Hz, for “immersive viewing […]

HDMI base nears 5bn, new 8K spec on the way

Over 1,700 HDMI licensees are expected to ship over 750 million HDMI-compliant products in 2016, as the installed base approaches five billion units of HDMI-enabled products worldwide, according to HDMI Licensing, the body responsible for administering licensing for the standard. According to HDMI Licensing, nearly 60% of all HDMI Adopters have licensed the latest version […]

Omnifone founder launches HDMI music streaming dongle

Omnifone founder Rob Lewis is targeting the music streaming market with a new HDMI dongle, Electric Jukebox, that streams music over Wifi via the TV. The device is being marketed at £179 (€240) in the UK including a year’s access to its music catalogue. Thereafter, users will pay £60 a year for the service, while […]

LG to launch first HDR OLED flat-screen TV

LG is to launch an HDR TV flat-screen TV in the US, UK, Germany and Korea at the end of this month. The EF9500 range comprises two 4K models that the Korean manufacturer is rolling out as part of its new OLED range of devices. LG is making 65-inch and 55-inch variants available. LG says […]

Archos launching £79 HDMI PC on a stick

France-based consumer electronics supplier Archos is throwing its hat into the growing HDMI dongle market with the launch of a low-cost Intel and Windows 10-based device, the Archos PC Stick. The device, which will retail for £79 (€111) in the UK, features an Intel Atom Quad Core Processor, 2GB or RAM and 32GB of Flash […]

Microsoft launches high-end TV dongle in India

Microsoft has partnered with Mumbai-based electronics firm iBall to launch a high-end “PC-on-a-stick” HDMI device in India.  The iBall Splendo is designed to convert a user’s TV into a “fully functional PC and a smart TV”, comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard set, runs on Windows 8.1 and will retail at INR8,999 (€125). “The iBall […]

Triax to unveil second generation HDMI products

Triax is set to unveil a range of solutions at ANGA COM, including HMDI products that are designed to distribute 4K, 3D and 1080p “real HD” signals.  Triax said these second-generation HMDI products can distribute real HD signals to single point-to-point or multi-room installations over 70 metres (1080p) or 40 metres (4K) These solutions are […]

Google reveals new Chromecast features and sales

Google has revealed a number of new features for its Chromecast HDMI streaming dongle at its I/O conference, including autoplay and queuing of shows and new features to enable multiplayer casual gaming.  Google also revealed it had sold 17 million Chromecast devices to date and that 20,000 apps had been created for the dongle. Google […]

Lenovo joins HDMI device battle with Chromecast rival

Chinese technology giant Lenovo has launched a Chromecast rival, the Lenovo Cast, to bring content from smartphones and tablets to the TV.  The device, which will be priced at US$49, will enable users to mirror content on their personal smarpthones and tablets on the TV. The device plugs into the HDMI port on the TV […]

HDMI Forum unveils new version with HDR support

The HDMI Forum has unveiled the latest version of the HDMI specification, enabling the transmission of High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats.  HDMI 2.0a will be available to current HDMI 2.0 users via the DMI Adopter Extranet, according to the Forum. HDR is designed to enable better picture quality by simultaneously enabling greater detail in both […]

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