HDMI base nears 5bn, new 8K spec on the way

Robert Blanchard

Robert Blanchard

Over 1,700 HDMI licensees are expected to ship over 750 million HDMI-compliant products in 2016, as the installed base approaches five billion units of HDMI-enabled products worldwide, according to HDMI Licensing, the body responsible for administering licensing for the standard.

According to HDMI Licensing, nearly 60% of all HDMI Adopters have licensed the latest version of the Specification, HDMI 2.0a, which supports 4K and HDR video.

The body said it was also working on a new version of the specification that will offer support for 8K video and enhanced HDR.

“The current 2.0a technology delivers stunning audio and video experiences for consumers, and it is the mission of the HDMI Forum to continually evolve and drive the next generation of HDMI Specification, “ said Robert Blanchard, president of the HDMI Forum. “The next version of the HDMI specification targets 8K resolution, enhanced High Dynamic Range and other important features such as delivering power over the interface to products such as streaming media sticks.”

Separately, HDMI Licensing said that its recently launched cable certification programme for manufacturers that want to ensure ultra-reliable high performance cable connectivity at 18Gbps with the capability to deliver full 4K/Ultra HD had so far attracted 28 participating companies.

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