Google reveals new Chromecast features and sales

Google has revealed a number of new features for its Chromecast HDMI streaming dongle at its I/O conference, including autoplay and queuing of shows and new features to enable multiplayer casual gaming. 

Google also revealed it had sold 17 million Chromecast devices to date and that 20,000 apps had been created for the dongle.

Google has added the ability to transition from one episode of a show to the next for any content provider by enabling developers to buffer a second video while the first is playing back and create queues automatically. Users will also be able to re-order videos or add their own to their queues.

Google has also included new game manager APIs to enable developers  to more easily create multiplayer games that can by controlled via Android and iOS apps at the same time. The company has also launched remote display APIs that enable the creation of dual-screen interfaces, enabling smartphones to be used to control games on the big screen.

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